Hawkins Family – New Historical Information!

This morning Deborah & Cindy had the pleasure of chatting with Bill Rauer, grandson of William “Bill” Hawkins and Agnes (Ramstedt) Hawkins. With his permission we are sharing our chat, which provided us with a deeper insight and new information into the Hawkins’ family’s musical history in Hamilton House.

Cindy Ackley Nunn: Good morning, Bill. We would love to hear more about your memories!

Bill Rauer: Thank you Cindy Ackley Nunn. The house was owned by our grandparents Agnes (Ramstedt) and William “Bill” Hawkins when Nancy, Jack, Clark, and I were growing up. Our grandmother filled the house music while singing and playing her full grand piano. She was a trained soprano with a degree in music from the University of Idaho where she was one of the original “Vandaleers”. She also directed several choirs in Coeur d’ Alene for many decades. Our grandfather, though a successful attorney, was also a musician — the drummer for the “Blue Bucket Band” when both were attending the university in Moscow in the late 1920’s. It’s wonderful for our family to know their love of music is being fostered via the conservatory.

Cindy Ackley Nunn: Bill Rauer, I don’t think Deborah or I knew your grandfather was a drummer! New information to investigate! Yay! May I copy and share your comments on our Hamilton House page and WordPress?

Bill Rauer : Cindy Ackley Nunn, his drum kit was partially set up in one of the upstairs closets and “the grandkids” would have an occasional “jam session”. Please feel free to share my comments.

Cindy Ackley Nunn: Bill Rauer, Thank you 😊 Was it the little closet with the fairy-tale tile?

Bill Rauer: Cindy Ackley Nunn, that would certainly add to the story, but I honestly don’t remember. 😬

Deborah Mitchell Akers: Bill Rauer , we knew that Agnes was a vocalist. Marjorie Grant still lives across Foster. Marjorie is also a vocalist and has shared with us that when Agnes practiced with the window open, Marjorie would return the notes from her side yard.

We didn’t know about the grand piano. Do you know where it sat in the house? We’d love to have a photo of her at the piano or any photo with the piano in it.

Bill Rauer: Deborah Mitchell Akers, the piano fit perfectly in the bay window at the right front (northeast) corner of the house.

We have located some pages from the Gem Yearbooks, 1931 & 1932, that we thought you might enjoy. These are of William and Agnes, a record of their accomplishments while attending
university in Moscow. A nice little walk down Memory Lane. The Blue Bucket Inn photo is of William Hawkins in the book Latah County by Julie R. Monroe.

Thank you for sharing your memories with us, Bill!

The Hawkins Family – William & James

The next family to occupy this home, as shown by the following chain of title, were the Hawkins.

Warranty Deed – Paul M. & Sadie E. Elder, h&w, to Wm. S. Hawkins dated July 5, 1940 and recorded July 8, 1940 in book 114 of Deeds, page 106. Same land.

Community Property Agreement – William S. & Agnes M. Hawkins, h&w, dated April 6, 1971 and recorded April 6, 1971 in book 65 of Misc., page 470. East 151 ft of Block 21, Forest Heights, Northeasterly of Railroad R/W – Present land configuration.

Probate Final Decree – Estate of William S. Hawkins to Agnes M. Hawkins, dated September 20, 1972 and recorded October 5, 1972 in book 72 of Misc., page 965.

In the future we will provide more documentation on this family, but local attorney, Robert Romero,has been writing a history of this family for some time, so we feel that his blog is the best resource for learning about our next family.

Hawkins Family in Coeur d’Alene